Interior Consultancy

Analysis of the client's requirements is done during the initial consultation.

Space Planning

We measure up the space and envision the movements. Together with you, we create a suite of cost effective and space optimised solutions.

Project Management

Projects are a litany of moving parts, but we will take care of that for you. You have our commitment to ensure renovation is completed to exacting standards before the handover date.

Colour & Material Proposal

From paint colours in the playroom, to the countertop material in the kitchen. Our designers will customize proposals to your preferred life style.

Lighting / Sanitary Accessories Selection

For materials close to the waterworks and household lightings, we propose a selection of accessories, and accompany owners for purchases if requested.

Interior Decor & Furnishing

The last mile on creating spaces. We advise on where you can find suitable furnishing that reflects the personality of your new space.